6. Ruby Quartz

Posted on: August 6th, 2015 by admin

Where am I gonna begin?
The window is open and letting some wind in
at my face and my sins.
Took some time to get by the fact that I dropped
out of my life just to see what’s behind.
And what did I find out?
Got enough of stuff ready to cry about,
but I will not do that.
Cuz in the middle of despair and agony I found ruby quartz.
Just there and barely I realized that there is more than meets the eye.
And hell no, I wasn’t ready to die.
I barely got by and did survive.
Now I wanted to show life itself that I was not to trifled with.
And I am not the one you wanna get psycho with.
Cuz all the pain and misery made me strong.
No one’s gonna stop me now.
I can do whatever I want.

Sometimes I feel like an abomination.
An incarnation of what’s left of a forgotten nation.
All the temptations are lingering, denying me from my salvation.
Who knows if I’ll go free or suffer from damnation?
I’m in the middle of a hurricane. Eye of the storm.
I can’t believe this hammering rage.
And here I stand upon the barricade, battered and torn.
Been here ever since I broke out of my cage.
Life was hell back then, and it still is.
The difference is that now I can be where my mistress is.
She’s the one who’s got my back, when I’m alone,
ready to crack, and feeling my bones fade into black
when there is no way to go back.
So from now on I’m gonna be true to myself,
and get the space out of my head.
I’m gonna deposit all the agony and put it up on the shelf.
Now I can finally get back to bed.

I always thought it would be more than this.
Do you catch my drift?
But this is my gift.

Where am I gonna end this?
I’m feeling relentless and in the same time senseless.
The window is open and letting some wind in at my face.
Have you ever seen such grace?
Can it be that I’ve already found what I’m looking for?
No need to cry, I got my rubies right here.
Maybe I should just shut the door,
and throw away the key in the oblivious sphere?

You might think I’m out of my mind.
That I’m a lunatic.
Fact is that I’m kind of fine.
After all I am alive.

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