16. White Trash Babysitter

Posted on: November 6th, 2012 by admin

Once upon a time back in the days,
me and a friend of mine went to this strange place.
Home of a guy who’s parents went away.
And you can still hear the cry.

A normal day in a normal village. Yet to people unknown,
a boy has been captured by an evil woman.
What do to in a situation like this?
A question from a boy to his teddybear.

Teddy, my Teddy, my parents went away.
Get up now, I need your help. Wake up now!
You used to be my aide through rough times.
But now hell’s come alive. Will you be able to help me now?
The babysitter’s watching my back.
I can’t relax. It’s a trap. Gotta get out ASAP.
Lucky me that I brought you here.
I beg on my knees, help me. Don’t want to be here.

She is the all-time ruler.
Please, hear me.
She is my fear. Remove her.
I don’t wanna be a slave no more.

Boy, where’s the manners? Now you’re being rude.
I’d be glad to help you, but I’m not in the mood.
You see, you threw me away by the time you were seven.
Do you think you will make it all up to heaven?
Well, I don’t. Unless you get out from the crap you’re in
you will rot and the babysitter will pack you in.
Pack you in with pharao mummy bandage.
Does it sound like fun? Hey you, you won’t manage.

You are a whimpy coward.
My help is useless.
You, don’t you see?
You will always be a slave of the white trash babysitter.

And so is the tale of the white trash babysitter.
What happened to that boy remains an unsolved riddle.
And the same is for his teddy.
Now, if you’re curious, children, you could always try to
enter the trap door down by the house.
My grandfather always frightened me by telling me about the
dungeons and chambers beneath the building.
However, I doubt that you would ever make it out of there alive.

But that’s another story.

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