13. Foul Odour

Posted on: November 6th, 2012 by admin

The word is on its wild roam. The nose is tickeled as the
beauty keeps away from the beast.
They say a foul odour is incoming.
Hold your granny tight or she’ll become a treat of the feast.
It’s what it feeds on. With no weakness an
odour like this can’t be purged.
But if you pray a while, then you may have the luck that
it won’t take the urchins with it.

Foul odour – On it’s way
Foul odour – Run away
Foul odour – To you bound
Foul odour – To be found

The mission is accomplished. The odour’s leaving never
to look back to what it’s done.
There will be no more pranking, no more eating but that’s
cool cuz he’s had his fun time.
But suddenly, as it came from nowhere, this
creature thrills the foul, foul odour.
There will be no more pranking, no more eating cuz the
creature kills the foul, foul odour.

This creature kills the foul odour.

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